We are an Innovation Company

We believe that every company can succeed with a clearly defined, positive purpose and focus on and end result customers can believe in. We can help you better define this, while creating an identity, or refining your identity to communicate your message, and attract your target customers.

This is what Creative Slave can do for you:

  1. Help you clearly define, or refocus your mission and purpose to build a responsive clientele that believes in you and your services or products.
  2. Create or redesign your logos, website, mobile apps, and software services to reinforce your message and mission. This gives your customers a strong confidence in you and will generate more customers, and sales.
  3. Find and utilize cost saving small business integrations that work across your business. For any service you may have there are likely multiple solutions that exist that can reduce the cost of business, and simplify your daily management of business.
  4. Consolidate all of your data to one primary, self-owned, repository. Rather than having your customer contacts, orders, appointments and all other sources of data scattered among many different applications we enforce a single repository hub of data. Have you every been frustrated by inconsistent data that lives in multiple locations? We have, and we have found that it is rare that data is not scattered everywhere.
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Third party services believe they own the data they collect while offering services to you, but this is data is legally yours. Your customers came to you, and they entrusted their information to you for a service or product. Why then should you not be able to have only one source of data that you own? Let us help you, and simplify your business.

This does not create extra monthly expense, but it does however require a proper set up.

We help your small business reach your customers, and help you become the company you want to become. You already have plenty of work, let us help you where "you think" we can. We can help you create:

An Innovative Purpose your Customers can Believe In

Innovative Products and Services Your Customers Want

Integrated Services to Manage Your Business

We make things that work, for the client, and equally important, for the end user.

Innovation speaks for itself - when you see it you know that the designers and developers behind it have a complete understanding and awareness of it's every part and its every use.

We cannot help but believe the creator of a truly innovative product gave 100% of themselves to their work with a sincere love of what they had built.

On the other hand, we clearly see the absence of innovation when we see obvious missed potential, and a lack of interest in design, attention to detail or a tight budget that paid for inexperience.

You deserve better.

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If a company providing a service for you is missing a passion for either what they can contribute, or value in your products then they are missing the innovative attitude your products and services require to be believed by your customers. We feel there is a inseparable relationship between innovation, and the passion that powers it, which is summed up in the word creative without need of an explanation. Sadly, the term has been watered down by those who use it without a belief in the products its said to have been part of - as though the product did not deserve more than a little attention.

It's our ambition to see companies thrive.

The creative process, for us, is an endless stream of ideas based on the passion of the industry we care about, which ultimately results in how people are positively affected by it.

By seeing clients and their customers as our greatest focus we are inspired, and see never-ending possibilities, which is our motive and principle. Passion is what creates innovation.

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With a clearly defined, positive purpose and focus on customers, your customers will believe and invest in you.

About Our Name - Creative Slave

While Creative Slave LLC. is dedicated to it's client creative needs, the name, by design, intends to communicate a commitment to high quality work that is evident in the products and services we build or provide.